The Guitar Essentials e-book brings together the most important information guitarists need to know, in one convenient PDF.

Each page covers a key topic clearly and concisely. Learn about chords, scales, modes, technique, music theory, and much more. Only $9.99.

  • Over 50 full-color pages
  • Instant download
  • Learn the fretboard
  • Master barre chords
  • Learn scales and modes
  • Understand music theory

Check out a few sample pages:





I’m amazed that so much content is packed into one PDF. In 10 minutes, I learned what I’ve been doing wrong playing barre chords for years.

– Brendan T.

For about half the price of a single guitar lesson, I got more information than I’ve gotten in six months of lessons. Amazing value.

– Michael B.

Both the illustrations and written descriptions are incredibly clear and well thought out. I also learned so much about music theory that I’ve always wondered about.

– Lisa T.


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