If you want to learn how to play Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, this video should help. This simple and effective song is one of Bob Dylan’s most well-known tunes and is perfect for beginning guitarists to practice basic open chords. It’s also a lesson for songwriters everywhere in how to write an incredibly simple song that still manages to resonate with millions of people.

I will say that, like many great songs, this song has been a victim of its own success, having been over-played on classic rock radio for decades. And I also cringe a little when I think of the (very popular) version that Guns and Roses did in the late 80s. I was a big fan of their first album and a few tracks from later albums but their overdone, anthemic version of this song still rings in my ears. If I don’t ever hear Axl sing “hey…hey…hey hey yeah…” again, I’ll be just fine.

ANYWAY… about the song. It’s about as simple as an acoustic folk/rock song can get. If you are a total beginner and are not sure how to play the chords, check out my lessons on how to play the GD, C, and A minor chords.

Good luck with this song and let me know if you have questions.