How to Tune Your Guitar (Using a Tuner)

The easiest way for a beginner to keep a guitar in tune is to use an inexpensive clip-on tuner. In this video, I show you how to use an electronic tuner, using a clip-on tuner as an example. Because all electronic tuners function in the same basic way, the process shown in the video will work for any tuner.

Types of Electronic Tuners

Electronic tuners come in different forms, from simple and inexpensive, to feature-laden and expensive. The main types of electronic tuners are clip-on, handheld, rack-mount, and software.

Clip-On Tuners

Probably the most common type of electronic tuner found these days is the clip-on tuner. These devices clip onto the headstock of the guitar and sense the frequency of the played note via vibrations along the neck into the headstock.

Software tuners typically come bundled with, or as plug-ins for, audio recording software and

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